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Dink Translation aims at localizing the Dink SmallWood game, allowing everybody to play it and develop with it, wherever they come from. That means translating the game, its add-ons (or D-Mods), documentation, walkthroughs, websites, in as much different languages as possible.

Translating all this is a long work. You can subscribe to the new-letter so as to be kept informed of the latest translations releases. We also need volunteers to be involved in the project, from website maintenance to new game translations.

Native translation support in FreeDink
Beuc - Tuesday, April 27th 2010

Great news: GNU FreeDink, the free, portable and enhanced version of the Dink Smallwood game engine, now natively supports translations (gettext format). Just install the game and it will directly speak Danish, German, Spanish, French, Macedonian andDutch. Contribute...
Zip version
Beuc - Wednesday, August 9th 2006
I uploaded Florent's patch as a .zip, so it can be applied on v1.08. Check the "Dink" section :)
Dink Solutions
Beuc - Friday, February 10th 2006
The Dink Solutions website was revamped by yours truly, with an interesting emphasis on translations :) Check it out!
We are not dead !
Julian Murgia - Monday, March 14th 2005
I don't forget Dink ! But it is right, I don't actually translate DMods anymore at the moment. In one hand, there are too many new stuffs about Dink (see on the DN), and in another hand, Dink becomes increasingly discrete...

More of that, Beuc seems to be absent for a long time now, I hope he didn't forget Dink... It is right that he's working, and doesn't have any time to... Certainly the same thing for Florent.

I hope we'll see them back sooner or later :).
Pirates of Portown released !
Julian Murgia - Saturday, March 6th 2004
For my back, I do presents !
So here is the Pirates of Portown's translation, that I began before I leave. A very good Dmod !

But I don't let myself take a breathe ! I'm now testing a new Dmod, World of DinkC, that is a fresh breathe for me, when Dmods look often like the others... Try this excellent Dmod ! And for me... get to work !

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