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Beuc - Sunday, August 17th 2003
dinkcity.hypermart.net is a better compromise, which makes it the new main website for a while. The site passed through several ports, which made it more stable, and allowed me to set up quite some mirrors. Everything is OK. I now can eventually do something useful... Like updating the Dink Solutions :)
Beuc - Saturday, August 16th 2003
Problems on ovh.org... Down for at least 2 weeks, I am not mistaken. So the site is mirrored at dinkcity.freesurf.fr for a while. Everything works well again except for the counter, due to constraints from the strange FreeSurf configuration on which I will not tell much since I already spent 4 days on it.

By the way, Jacaranda Bill, a greek translator, is still ready to create a new tool to translate more simply and quickly :)
New Translation
Beuc - Friday, June 6th 2003
Nanette aka shetlandpony published a complete brand new dutch Dink translation.
Some news
Julian Murgia - Saturday, December 14th 2002
After 2 months of absence, I am back!
But no more news, just the first version of the Pirates of Portown's translation is OK, but the second one contains some cripted files, and I must ask them to the author (damn I MUST think about it!) :)

The poll has been deleted. Thanks again for our voters!
I would say that if you have questions, complaints, dissatisfactions, etc. you can call us!

Never mind !
Julian Murgia - Tuesday, October 22st 2002
First, thanks to the dozen nice people who vote. Unfortunately, I am affraid that it was vain: when I see the results of the votes on the Dink Network ( http://www.dinksmallwood.net ) or other websites, that is not very encouraging. So I decided to delete the Prowler's Poll. If someone want we replace it, please write me in "Contacts" at left, or at my email address : straton@wanadoo.fr . It will be replaced only if you justify, and if I have more than 10 requests.

I have found a Dmod to translate: Pirates of Portland, a new Dmod.
Remember that you can give me a Dmod to translate or, better, YOUR Dmod that we will translate from English to French.

The ultimate vote : 3 weeks
Julian Murgia - Monday, October 7th 2002
The question now placed on the poll will be there for 3 weeks. After these 3 weeks, we will know if the poll will live or die. We need your advices. This website live thank YOU. Do not be affraid to vote "No"!
Actually: 2 positive votes on the French side, none on the English one.
Now the question is "Will it live, will it not live?".
Is the poll useless?
Julian Murgia - Wednesday, October 2st 2002
Dink Traduction undergoes actually some bustles. First the forum that did not work, and now the poll. I am going to set up a (maybe) ultimate poll. At the conclusion of this last one that shall we know its utility, that is why I thank you in anticipation for taking 5 seconds to say to me if we should keep that object on our site or, otherwise, have it follow the same path as the forum.

I noticed the lack of mails and votes for Dmods's translations. The vote rather failing, and mails missing, I announce you that my next translation will be that of one of Dmods presented for the Alternative Hero Contest (www.dinksmallwood.net). If the vote that I talked you about above is favorable to keeping it, a new question will be placed to determine the Dmod to translate among those that are presented.

Thanks, and goodbye!
2 forums closed
Beuc - Sunday, September 15th 2002
Today, Prowler Productions' Dink SmallWood forum, moderated by Wyndo aka Mike Snyder, was closed due to a lack of posts for a few months. I decided to make an archive, because lots of interesting points were raised in this forum mainly used by Dink developpers. So I spent the day grabbing all the posts and bios, and generating an offline version.

The second forum to be closed is ours, for the same reason (even if we got even less posts - 0). We currently do not have enough visitors to justify a forum, so you will now have to post at the Dink Network board.
Only two votes
Julian Murgia - Tuesday, September 10th 2002
While the poll was set up again a bit more than one week ago, only two votes
were casted. We need your points!
Thank you!
Beuc - Tuesday, September 3rd 2002
A forum is eventually available at Dink Traduction!
Special thanks to StraTon for insisting on that point. You can, among others, post questions if you are stuck in a DMod.
The forum also replaces the chat that has been down for a while.
Poll : new start
Julian Murgia - Tuesday, September 3rd 2002
I wrote the results of the vote have not been very good. Indeed, it had a bug that showed a page saying you already voted, which was wrong. Beuc, neverless, had made tests (but he corrected his mistake)... Now we will make tests before using it again. We are sorry and we invite you to vote again. If an other bug arises, please tell us! Thanks.
New Translation
Florent Carayol - Wednesday, July 3rd 2002

A new version of my translation is available on my web site www.dinkfr.fr.st and here in few days. This new version (1.33) correct a bug with Nadine and don't delete the savegames who are present when you apply the patch.
Beuc - Friday, June 28th 2002
Just finishing exams, I enjoy the summer and the related free time!
The home page was improved in order to present all the translation projects (no, there is not only french stuff), and I also translated some walkthroughs.
Ah, and I eventually installed the vote system :)
The vote
Julian Murgia - Friday, June 14th 2002
I promised you something for vote there is a little time. That will come soon, just the time for Beuc to place the French version of the first vote, I deal with the English versions for the moment.

So for more informations, this vote system is the same of the Dink Network (http://www.dinksmallwood.net). It will help us to know your hopes etc. quickly! We know that sometimes we don't want to lose time to write a mail (we won't blame you ;) )!
But for the problems for example, direction the FAQ, and Contact!

20.000 hits! Great!
New Dmod's translation
Julian Murgia - Thursday, May 16th 2002
The Dink Logan's translation has been -finally- finished. It is now available.
My occupation for now is to build a page that you'll can VOTE! You'll have more informations soon.
Julian Murgia - Sunday, April 21st 2002
Finally the translation primised will be late. It will be made... uh, I don't know when, but soon, I hope.
And, no sneakinesses, the Dmod I'm talking is Dink Logan. It will be followed by an other Dmod, bigger... maybe !
Julian Murgia - Friday, April 5th 2002
Hello to all our new visitors !
Excuse-me for this long absence. I'd like remind you that you always can send me Dmods to translate ! In this case, write-me ! Otherwise,I'll begin a series of new translations (such as dmods, solutions, etc.) that I don't want to talk about for now... SURPRISE !!!

In the time I write, 15.755 visitors came here ! Thanks to the Dink Network (www.dinksmallwood.net) for place a link to Dink Translation, and thanks to You !
DOTY @ the DN
Beuc - Monday, March 4th 2002
The DOTY (Download of the Year) just finished at the DN (Dink Network - www.dinksmallwood.net).
And in the Miscellanous category, the Dink Smallwood French translation we got from WorldOfSnes tied with the PlayThis front-end!

The question is whether to give the award to both of them or not :)

Strange, though, that a translation that the voters could not judge as they do not know French, that was downloaded only 20 times according to 3DDownload, so that was not used at all by them, was chosen ;)

Will our super and worthy translation win this award after all?
We will know it soon!
New Translation
Florent Carayol - Wednesday, February 13th 2002
Ok, a new version of the translation is available. It's now the version 1.32. She correct a bug in the enclosure of the worship and translate some fogotten words. The translation is on the site www.dinkfr.fr.st and here soon.
[Note from Beuc]: Uploaded :)
Julian Murgia - Saturday, January 5th 2002
There are a lot of news!
First, happy new year to all of our visitors!

Next, I'd like announce that Dinkzilla is translated and that it will be published very soon...

I'd like enquire you: do you want we translate Dmods from English to French or Italian? Send us your own Dmod, we'll test it ans publish it.

For accomodate, I note that we'll beat 10.000 hits! Thanks and bravo!

New Translation
Florent Carayol - Thursday, January 3rd 2002

A new version of my translation is available on this site or on my site (www.dinkfr.fr.st). The new version of this release is 1.31. She correct a bug in the house of Nadine.

Good game !!
Unbelievable grown !
Julian Murgia - Friday, December 7th 2001
Unbelieveable ! I was not here about 2 weeks ago, and the 7,000 hits are made ! If it continues, we'll made the 10,000 for the new year !
Thanks to our visitors !
Beuc - Saturday, December 1st 2001
As 3DDownloads is quite down at the moment, I am setting up a mirror the Dink installation file and for some DMods. "I am setting up" => everything is not uploaded yet.
The url is http://dinkdownload.free.fr (thanks to Free.fr and to my university's connection =)).
It is password protected to avoid bandwidth abuse, and the user/pass should be published at the Dink Network: http://dink.telefragged.com
Have fun!
PS: I would like to say that we are reaching 7,000 hits, but as the Dink Network has 300,000 now... I am feeling a bit small ;)
- and in addition it is worthless to notice every 1,000 hits, huh?
Beuc - Sunday, November 4th 2001
The 5000 hits limit is reached!
And it's still growing!
Beuc - Thursday, September 27th 2001
The website was upgraded: new design, a lot of little hidden things, such as a CGI error handler to display something nicer than "404 Not Found" (script written by your truly :)), a web counter, etc.
Don't forget the chat :)
There won't be any update within some months I think, I'll be very busy for a while, now. I didn't forget my goal: make the whole Dink French! But this will happen later... ;)
See you :)

But now, let's all wish an happy birthday to Dink Translation, born 1 year and 1 day ago exactly!
Dink Solutions in French!
Beuc - Friday, September 21st 2001
The Dink Solutions' website is now available in French, this is my latest work on Dink Translation :)
Further information > here <
RTsoft's FAQ
Beuc - Sunday, September 16th 2001
RTsoft's FAQ is translated :) Now you won't have to beg in forums :)
I also added / updated some things a bit, among others some Dink screen-shots. More to come.
New Translation
Florent Carayol - Saturday, September 1st 2001
My First News.

She talks about a new version of my translation. She corrected few bugs (visit site for more informations) and replace pictures of Main Menu by anothers pictures translated in french (Its just text).

It's all.
NewsLetter #3 - ou rather News #1
Beuc - Thursday, August 30th 2001
Hello everybody,
I spent most of the day updating quite a bit Dink Traduction's presentation and structure.
News management via web, so that all the staff can post, new (small) graphics, and other things, discover them by yourself.
I obviously appreciateany comment about this.
No new translations for now, but I can add that the Dink Solutions FV project is sure. I'll try to send the required translations to Dukie asap :)
Get all french walktrhroughs!
My little secret project seems ok either, but it'll require some time - and I'd like a bit more at the moment, even if school will begin at the end of the month for me.
OK, this update being finished, I return to my translations :)
NewsLetter #2
Beuc - Sunday, August 19th 2001
An update at last!
Sorry, but I got some problems with my comp, among others some data losses (luckily, we only have to deplore the RotD2 translation's disappearance today), then the screen had been repaired. Added to the toll, a really busy timetable, and a bit of laziness also, and you'll see why ;)
What is new? New DMods, first.
Then I'm finishing the entire translation of all tutorials, among others Mike Snyder's (really) long FAQ. I also plan to make a French Version of Dukie's Dink Solutions. Conclusion soon!
Last, there's an idea of a new Dink Traduction website, uniting with Florent Carayol's (www.dinkfr.fr.st). That's now for right now, but I can assure you that it'll be big (at least in the internal level, and surely also in the visitors's level: yours ;)). You're obvious free to send me any comments. I don't expect any writing this, comments being really rare on Internet anyway, even with 2000+ hits, but this was free ;) Please note my new e-mail (fairesuivre.com becoming a paying sevice...): sylvain.beucler@libertysurf.fr :)
A last line (or two) to thank all these new translators, ie StraTon / Julian, Florent Carayol obviously, and also Marco, a Gerlan translator who may give us a German translation worthy of the name.
And also maybe prepare for a surprise soon (I won't say anything more until this is sure ;)).
Ok, 'bye.
NewsLetter #1
Beuc - Thursday, June 7th 2001
You subscribed to Dink Translation's NewsLetter.
Therefore you receive the last news in your mailbox when there're any :)

-=-=- Dink Traduction *-* NewsLetter N1 -=-=-

Today, by the way, there're a lot:

- Translation of 2 new DMods:
* Revenge of the Ducks, by JVeenhof,
* DMod skeleton, rather for the sake of Dink MODules creators, by Mike Snyder.

- New Dink Translation (Main Game):
Florient Carayol, another translator, also does a Dink's translation.
This one is 70% completed. Btw, you're invited to report any
mistake or mistranslation.
Visit www.dinkfr.fr.st for further information :)

- Dink Arena's translation by (again =) another translation, StraTon.
We hope we'll get other translations from him, and above all some news, because we didn't got anything from his mailbox
for 2 weeks (exams?)

- A german translation (translator invasion!):
a german translator decided to do a 'real' translation (Iridon Software's one isn't the best ever..).
He already began, so tell your german pals about this!

Exams, indeed, for most of us at the moment.
So, don't hope anything before 3 weeks.
On the other hand, next...

- First, more free-time (hopefully), therefore more translations :)

- Fusion project between the two dinkfr (.ovh.org and .fr.st), maybe an international Dink Translation website (ou maybe another name with the fusion)

- French translation of Dink related english websites? (some online Dinkers, who could translate news about twice a week, would be welcome in this project)
English website owners can contact Dink Translation if they think
this could be interesting :)

And you, who read this, send us, there, a little message with suggestions, comments, encouragements (we don't bite)
This never killed anybody, this always please a lot and this really make us want to continue :)
Especially tell us the translations you'd like, the improvements for the next (big) update of the website...
No, really, say it, we can't guess this for you (even if we try =)

-=-=- Dink Traduction *-* www.dinkfr.ovh.org -=-=-
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