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Dink Translation - Concept
About this site, Dink...

Dink SmallWood...

Dink SmallWood is a Role Playing Game by RTsoft.
Now freeware (!), it's really interesting and as far as I'm concerned I played it about fifteen hours before to finish it.
For further information, visit www.rtsoft.com (and download the game!) or the link part; in general, each site gives its own comment.

Dink MODules...

The main interest of the game is that you can create your own add-ons: the DMODs (Dink Modules).
We use the graphics and scripts from the main game as a base, and we can add some others as much as we want. Dink isn't the first game, nor I think the last to allow users to create add-ons for the original game, but I think that's the only one to give so many functions and abilities.
Indeed, unlike other games where we have a really simplified editor or also a tool to buy, here we can, in fact, use the author's tools, and in addition, freely.
This mean that we can recreate the original game with this, and even more! - and this was done.

Lots of programmers used it, and you can now download their work, especially at The Dink Network ( http://dinknetwork.com/ ), and this freely, not for 90% of them (thanks Dukie), but 100%! All DMODs are free, at the moment :)
About this point (and other), read the interview with Seth, Dink's author, by Dukie.

Games in English...

But there's a small problem: all DMODs are, as the main game, in english.
This detail isn't really important as you're more than 12-13 years old, because it isn't a litterate english - rather an "internet" english, simplified - but it's annoying.
And before then...

So this site.

Then, that's when I thought of my little brother who is 11 years old (and of other people) that I've thought of a french version (FV), so that he'd understand the game.
And as it's possible to modify the game and the DMODs thanks to this add-on system, we can translate them.

Which I (begin) did.

The author...

My name's Sylvain Beucler (Beuc).
My mail is: beuc@beuc.net.
Some more details at

  • Florent Carayol: I'm 18, I live in St-Baudille in the Tarn (5km from Mazamet for those who know the place), I've a Scientific BAC with the TI (now SI) Option and I'm doing a Computer Science DUT.
    I also discovered Dink in Gen4, and in Freelog as well. I began to translate Dink for my personal pleasure but I stopped doing it, and then one year later I continued the translation to share it with everybody.
  • Julian Murgia: My name is Julian Murgia (StraToN).

    I have known Dink Smallwood in Gen4 magazine as a freeware, a couple years ago. Once I was connected to the Internet, I discovered Dink's community and translation thanks to Beuc. I am also IT student.
  • Marco: does a german translation worthy of the name :)
  • Contribute to Dink Translation

    There is still a lot to do. Wish List:

    • Translate Dink: at the moment, the game is available in French, German and Dutch.
    • Translate more D-Mods: only French D-Mods were released.
    • Describe the project: this website is currently both in French and English, with a very small presentation for the other languages in the homepage. Keep up even a small page in your language would be good. Maintain the current English or French part would be also welcome, since it makes me spend twice more time on updating the website.
    • Ease the translation: Jacaranda Bill and I are working on a small application to allow everyone to translate Dink, even without any DinkC knowledge, and fast. Moreover, the Dink Project aims at improving the Dink engine, and we would well end up using GNU gettext for an efficient translation environnement.
    • Translate websites: we invit you to translate your Dink website in another language than english, so that more people can read it. Not everybody can understand that language, mainly children - who play computer games.

    Making of...

    This site was begun septembre the 26th 2000 (already 1 year!), and as every site, he's never really finished...
    I've done it alone.
    I used:
    - The indispensible NotePad;
    - Ulead Gif Animator 1.5 -
    - Ulead Cool 3D 1 - link;
    - Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop 6 - link;
    - Gimp 1.1.24 (Windows version) - link;
    - OVH : hosting, SSI (Server Side Includes), (really) bad answers to questions... - link;
    - MS Personal Web Server documentation about SSI - the link in MS.com was deleted but PWS is on the Win98 CD, and also on FrontPage's one, I think.

    Then several Perl scripts:
    - NewsPro v3.8, for news, along with NewsCategory, UserGroups + Dossier + Kremlin, Temporal and Preview add-ons - link;
    - LogCount, for stats, along with 2 added scripts of my own - link;
    - Error Handler, a CGI of mine, catch the server error, log them, display the explanation to the user and allow this one to warn the webmaster - no link, no public release yet;
    - A forum with UltraBoard, forsaken :/ - their website (http://www.ub2k.com) is dead, so here's my personal zip file for link, which I managed to find after some hours of Net-searching :]
    - O'Reilly&Associates' books - link.

    I now fully switched to GNU/Linux, so I disavow half of afore-mentioned tools, and I add the indispensible Emacs.

    Special Thanks

    • RedInk1, for making the Dink Network, and add my link in his "updating sites" link section :)
    • Phoenix, for some objectives comments about his website, thanks pal!
    • Dukie, for creating the Dink Solutions, and for being the first one to notice my website, and give some comments about it :)

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