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Dink Smallwood Translation


Improved French translation
Beuc - Tuesday, April 27th 2010
A new and improved translation from yours truly is available as part of the GNU FreeDink project. No special installation: just run FreeDink from a French system, and the game will be in French :)
Complete Dink translation
Beuc - Sunday, August 19th 2001
You can find a complete translation of Dink on this website: http://www.dinkfr.fr.st. It's written by Florent Carayol, and spellchecked by the famous StraTon, and you're invited to report any mistake or incorrect meaning (link on the site) to improve this translation.
This does *not* mean Dink Translation's translation will be cancelled :)
At the moment, I'm translating every tutorial :D
Local download: dinkfr13.exe (brand new version 18/2/2002) Alternate version for v1.08: dinkfr133.zip
German Dink translation from Iridon Interactive
Beuc - Tuesday, May 1st 2001
Seth A. Robinson sent to Dink Translation a German translation of Dink Smallwood.
Developped by Iridon Interactive, it wasn't released, because of the abandon of an german specific version project.
As it was developped for v1.05, there still may be some bugs, though.
A beta-tester would really be welcome :)
Download it > here <
Download it > here (RAR) <
or also > here (ZIP) <


Dink Smallwood is a great game - in quality, and in size. It countains more than 380 scripts which describe the player's environnement (Non Player Characters or NPC, enemies, places...) and so what is displayed on the screen.

I began the translation, but I didn't finish it.
There still lots of work... So I must give you rendez-vous within some times :(

Waiting for this, be sure to know that it will be only a "patch" (for size reasons, complete version requires about 23 Mb), which will replace this scripts and maybe some stuff (pictures, readme...).

So you will have to download the original version v.1.06 (now Free Software!) at RTsoft, Dink Download, part, where you can find others usefull files (DMODs, FrontEnds, Editor...). Be sure to upgrade to v1.07.

Before to rush on this link, be also sure to know that the complete version is on the Gen4 n 130 CD, Jan 2000 (the one which also countains Ultim@te Race Pro complete version), and also in Energie PC october/november 2000, which coutains furthermore some DMODs (Valley of the Talking Trees, Dink's Doppelganger, 9 Gems of Life...).

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