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DMods (Dink Modules) Translations

DMods are add-ons - new levels - for Dink SmallWood.
Here are the translations.
Well, for now there isn't many, but they come :)
I already translated the firsts DMods, by RTsoft, Dink's authors, Mike Snyder's skeleton DMod and some others.
Some others will come soon :)

Milli Vanilli (10/2000):
Author: Rtsoft
OV on: Rtsoft.
"Great mini adventure starring the gods of music. (NOTE: It is important to understand that this DMOD was created before Rob's tragic death)." (RTsoft)
Complete FV
Install: millifr.exe (752K ).
ZIP: millifr.zip (694K ).
Install: millipfr.exe (109K ).
ZIP: millipfr.zip ( 53K ).
Mystery Island (4/2001):
Author: Rtsoft
OV on: Rtsoft.
" Dink's adventures continue. After saving the world the first time he thought life would be easy.
Sailing the seas, meeting interesting locals and understanding the strangest magic ever awaits our hero in this brand new mini quest." (RTsoft)
Install: mipfr.exe (152K ).
Dink Arena (5/2001):
Author: Mike Kanter
OV at: The Dink Network
Dink Arena allow you to fight any ennemies, with any weapons / magic / levels :)
Further information will be added :)
Translation by StraTon. You'll likely to hear again of him :)
Complete FV:
Zip: arenafr.zip (191K ).
Zip: arenapfr.zip ( 31K ).
Skeleton DMod version B (6/2001):
Author: Mike Snyder (Prowler Productions)
OV at: The Dink Network
It's a skeleton of DMod which, installed, allow you to start your DMod from a good base :)
It's very used by DMods authors and allow to get rid of usual coping of Hard.dat and others.
The FV can, btw, be used as a translation base for DMods comments.
Complete FV:
ZIP: squ_bfr.zip (186K ).
Revenge of the Ducks (6/2001):
Author: Jan Willem JVeenhof (RotD Website)
OV at: The Dink Network
A small DMod very cool, the beginning of the Revenge of the Ducks trilogy.
You play as Rohan the duck, and you must save your race from the evil HUNTER!!
Complete FV:
ZIP: rotdfr.zip ( 83K ).
Dinkopolis (7/2001):
Author: Kevin Bugin
OV at: The Dink Network
One of the first DMods, pretty short, rather FUN!
Complete FV:
ZIP: dinkopfr.zip (173K ).
The 9 Gems of Life (part 1) (7/2001):
Author: Jan Willem JVeenhof (RotD Website)
OV at: The Dink Network
StraTon excelled himself with this new translation. Here ya go with quite long, cool, and completely translated, even graphics (ala Mystery Island's translation), DMod.
A must awaiting I release 9Gems2 v3 ;)
ZIP: 9gemspfr.zip ( 93K ).
Dinkzilla (1/2002):
Author: Jeff Speed
OV at: The Dink Network
One of the first DMods, pretty short, rather FUN!
Damn, I already said this for Dinkopolis...
Hum, become Dinkzilla, every creature's terror! Nothing resists to him, but maybe the final boss!
Remark: the first sentence is still true.
VF complète:
ZIP: dzillafr.zip (202K ).
Dink Logan (5/2002):
Author: Jan Willem JVeenhof
OV at: The Dink Network
A DMod that own a very good atmosphear. Dink (but is this really him?) wakes up with claws in his arms, la X-Men...
ZIP: loganpfr.zip ( 25K ).
The Quest for the Golden Nut (9/2002):
Author: James Perley
OV at: The Dink Network
One of the three Dink Network contest entries.
ZIP: nutfr.zip (138K ).
Pirates of Portown (3/2003):
Author: dinkmega
Translator: StraToN
OV at: The Dink Network
The pirates are still attacking. Just one person can stop them.
ZIP: pirates_of_portown-1.1-fr.zip ( 26K ).

>Related link: FAQ: install instructions

I'll add DMODs to this list as soon as I translate them.

Future additions:
Julian Murgia: I'm going back to this jungle that is the DN's Dmods' list. I've got a little idea for a Dmod to translate : an excellent one, Superb realisation, let me introduce to you : World of DinkC v1.1. A special principal menu, a good idea. See the VO on the Dink Network.
Beuc: I'd like to translate the Revenge of the Ducks and Milderr!! series, Stone of Balance (but for this one you'll have to patient, as there're a bunch of texts ;)), Prophecy of the Ancients (same remark) and RedInk1's DMods.
I'm a bit bitter because I had nearly finished RotD2, and I realize only now that the translation has gone to the files' heaven with some others when my last hard-disk problem occurred >(

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