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Dink Translation's Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the game? Read our RTsoft's FAQ translation! (or English Version)

How to install translations?
IMPORTANT: In the case of a patch in .zip (not in .exe), you need first of all to go in your DMOD dir, then in the sub-directory Story, and then to delete (or to move in another folder, if you fear an error) all files which extension is .d, eg start-1.d.
The translation will replace those by .c translated files :)
If you only see .c file, then all is OK, they'll be replaced by the translation.
Explanation: .d files are compressed, and as we use more characters than english-speaking people (accents, etc), it's impossible to compress translated files as well.

With an install program, type the following install directory:
- Case 1:
Dink translation > the Dink main directory
(often C:\Program Files\Dink SmallWood\);
- Case 2:
DMOD translation patch > the DMOD directory (already exists)
(often C:\Program Files\Dink SmallWood\NameOfDMOD\);
- Case 3:
a complete DMOD > a sub-directory out of the Dink main directory
(often C:\Program Files\Dink SmallWood\NameOfDMOD\).
Dir name must be short (8 letters).

With a ZIP file, thaht's the same thing, but you type the extract directory with the "extract" command.

I still have some texts in english... Is that what you call translating?
Before to mail-bomb me, think about this:
- if you didn't translate the main game, you'll have some english messages when the DMOD use scripts from the main game (when you level up, for example);
- some texts are directly in the dink.exe, and so you'll have to use the dink.exe patch. It's already done, but I'll distribute it with the patch, if Seth's agree (in theory, it's forbidden to modify a program, read your licences).

Do translations deteriorate saved games?
Don't worry! The translations only modify texts, not your datas. Your saved games won't be deteriorated.

But, your translation is really bad! There are plenty of bugs, and texts are boring!
Do not confuse author and translator.
If there's a bug, if the story isn't handled well, the author is in fault.
Well... In most cases :)
The game can crash indeed (back to Windows) during a dialogue, in this case the translator is likely to have written a sentence too much long for Dink.exe, (but not always ;) - this makes the game crash.
As well, if a dialogue is 'ununderstoodable', maybe the translator didn't catch the meaning of the sentence, but maybe also the author wrote the dialogue a bit too fast.
In both cases, the translator can't do anything, as he's CAN'T modify a DMod :( His function is to translate, and that's all.
Now, and still in both cases, it would be useful if you told about these errors: if this is the translator, he'll happily (yes!) fix his mistake, and if this is the author, then bug him to release a new bug-free version :)
ALWAYS, give your view point, we can't invent it for you ;)

You really didn't find the answer to your question, nor here, nor in RTsoft's FAQ?
Then, go to the contact page!

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