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I listed here the links I use a lot, and most of them are general Dink websites. I don't think I'll include sites that are only one DMOD related. For them, there is Dink Links (dink.i85.net/). It countains numerous Dink related links, and hosts Someone's reviews, so check it out.
Note: there're ALL in English. I even think this website is the only one with French contents!
I really encourage webmasters to create another version of their website in their native language (in addition to an english one).

Official Site:
Dink page at RTsoft: www.rtsoft.com/dink/.
No real updates. With Dink to download, a small list of DMODs, some tools and some links.

General Sites (DMODs, Tutorials, Tools):
The Dink Network: dynamic4.gamespy.com/~dink/ and www.dinksmallwood.net
Features a database with all released DMODs (or so), plus tutorials, tools, etc. Also allow you to read News very often and articles (features) (with "interview with Seth") not often, to vote on various questions about every two weeks, for the Download Of The Month (DOTM) and even, now, for the Download Of The Year (DOTY).
This site was linked on the first page of official site.

Yeah, that's all, only one entry :/

The Dink SmallWood Solutions: users.skynet.be/dinksols/.
Countains walkthroughs for Dink and most of DMODs. A reference for you if you're "stuck", or if wanna find every secrets. Hey, I'm a DINK SMALLWOOD SOLUTIONS HERO OF THE YEAR 2001!!!
French Version now available, thanks to Dink Traduction! :)

Personal Pages:
The Dink SmallWeb: www.prowler-pro.com/dmods/smallweb.html
Mike Snyder's site, no more updates. Mike Snyder is the first to have done a third-party DMOD and used to be very active for a while after the release of Dink. Thanks to him, we got the Quest for Arithia series, Dink's Doppelganger, DMOD skeleton (skeleton_b), the first DMOD Contest, a Mystery Island beta-test, the Dink Chronography (now at the Dink Network under the name of the Dink Timeline), Prowler-Pro forum (his new site)...
His website his "dead" now, but it's interesting to visit it.

DMOD Central: someone2.hypermart.net/dink/
Paul "someone" Jewsbury's site. It used to contain his DMODs, his softwares, his reviews.
Unfortunately, Someone left us. You'll find his reasons at the webpage.
The reviews section is online again thanks to Jaina at Dink Links, and the concept was reused by the Dink Network.

Message Boards / Forums
The Dink Message Board: board.dinksmallwood.net and dynamic4.gamespy.com/~dink/forum.cgi
Main message board, divised in sub-sections such as Help Wanted, Development, Dink Source, and Off-Topic.

Mike Snyder's forum: rpgplanet.com/dink/archives/prowler/
Lots of interesting authoring questions in the archive of this unfortunately closed forum.

Official Chat Wall: www.rtsoft.com/chatwall/
Send a nice little comment about Dink there.

RTsoft Forum: www.rtsoft.com/htbin/bbs/ikonboard.cgi
Forums about RTsoft's products, including Dink Smallwood.

Future additions:
More links, updates, and more comments. What else?

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